Ranch History


McIntyre Ranches Moving Hay

McIntyre Ranches Sod House

McIntyre Ranches Driving Cattle

McIntyre Ranches Cattle Drive

McIntyre Ranches Feed

McIntyre Ranches Homestead

Milo McIntyre and Deke

Glen McIntyre

Bernard McIntyre Horse

Jason McIntyre Cowboy

Delay McIntyre and Milo

Two Eyed Buck gelding

The McIntyre Family moved from Scotland to America in 1719, landing in New York. They slowly migrated West over several years settling in Nebraska and Homesteading land in 1879. DeLay F. McIntyre immediately started buying additional land from there, including our Home place. DeLay had 5 Sons and a Daughter, in addition to keeping 8 hired men busy full time with his enterprises such as--He started The McIntyre Hardware Store, a Coal and Lumber Business, McIntyre Funeral Home, Helped start the Wolbach Bank, as well as a Buick Dealership.

Two of his Sons, Milo and John handled his Agricultural interests. Our direct lineage is Milo. He had 9 children, 6 were Sons who stayed in Agriculture most of their lives. At the busiest point, this included over 3,000 Mother cows, 8,000 yearlings, 2,000 to 4,000 cattle on feed in several Feed Yards, and numerous horses to get all the work done. At our peak, the Family owned or leased almost 70,000 acres.