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American Lean Beef was created by one of the leading cattle ranchers in central Nebraska. Our ranch, established in 1879, annually produces and markets over 1,000,000 lbs of beef. American Lean Beef has one goal, and that is to deliver the very best lean beef in the world.
No hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics! Home raised and finished. Less Cholesterol than Skinless Chicken. Less than 1/2 Calories of Ground Beef. 3 times more Omega-3 than grain fed beef (critical in brain function, Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Arthritis). Much better than getting from fish or Flax. Up to 5 Times more CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid) than grain fed beef. (cancer defender, one of the best sources of CLA for humans) 2 Times more BETA CAROTENE than grain fed beef (like increasing your vegetable intake).

Free Delivery within 150 miles.

Our beef can beat anyone’s and our prices can too! Know what your eating, buy straight from the Ranch.

Ground Steak -  94-96% of Lean Ground Steak, consist of approximately 1 pound packages at $6.00 per package.

You can order a whole beef for $3.90/pound, cut and wrapped just like you desire, with a $750 deposit.

Half beef when available at $4.50 hanging weight, with a $500 deposit.

Hamburger $5/package

When available, comes in packages of 2 8oz steaks:

Flat Iron Steaks $13/Pk

Sirlion Steak $15/Pk

Rib Eye $19/Pk

New York Steak $18/Pk

Tenderloins sell for $20.00/Pk

Contact Us to Place Your Order

Call/Text 308-750-8384  |  Email 

Based on an average 1,200 pound animal, expect 430 pounds of beef. For whole beef, expect to be paying close to $6.50/pound for your beef, steaks, roast and hamburger. Based on hanging weight of $3.90/pound.

Regular monthly deliveries to Lincoln - Omaha, Nebraska included.  Will be cut anyway you prefer and delivered free within 150 miles of St. Paul, Nebraska. Call/text or email for a free quote.

Expect 3-4 weeks after you make a deposit for your beef to be delivered to you.

McIntyre Ranches
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Contact Us to Place Your Order

Call/Text 308-750-8384  |  Email